Ongoing ICOs

ICO Name Description Launch Time
Hedge Token Hedge Project is developing the ideal crypto platform that will enable its users Crypto Traded Indices™ and derivatives trading. The Hedge Token will serve as a utility ticket for transactions on this platform. 15. Sep 2017
Utrust UTRUST is a payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with cryptocurrencies while providing a groundbreaking purchase protection mechanism.The UTRUST Platform aims to provide the consumer protection buyers take for granted in traditional online purchases, acting as a mediator, resolver of conflicts, enabling the possibility of refunds to mitigate fraud, while shielding the merchant from crypto-market volatility. They want to build upon the best features of cryptocurrencies, enabling fast transactions, lower fees and low cross-border transaction friction, enabling merchants to sell to a growing worldwide audience of crypto-holders. In sum, they aim to build the payment API for marketplace integration that will become the crypto-contender to PayPal. 20. Sep 2017
Nametoken Nametoken is the first decentralized Domain Eco System aiming to revolutionizing the domain industry. This decentralized domain marketplace will eliminate the middle man using smart contracts so that domain buyers and sellers will have minimal fees. 1. Aug 2017
Cobinhood COBINHOOD is a cryptocurrency service platform for the blockchain era. The first service launched by COBINHOOD is the world’s first zero fee high-frequency cryptocurrency trading exchange that solves existing problems of cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides spot trading and margin trading with ZERO trading fees to maximize traders’ profit and market liquidity. COBINHOOD also provides ICO underwriting services to solve the problem of ICO token liquidity issues. 13. Sep 2017
Power Ledger The PowerLedger Platform is the Ecosystem that enables interoperability between diverse market management/pricing mechanisms and units of electricity (kWh) by way of pre-purchased tokens. 23. Aug 2017
Galactikka alactikka is powerful social network with decentralized ad platform and reputable system where anyone get paid for the content. 4. Sep 2017
HEROcoin HEROcoin is an ethereum-based token that enables people to join or create games on the ethereum blockchain. It radically changes centralized way of online betting we are using today. 14. Sep 2017
Matryx Matryx is a platform for decentralized collaboration that consists of a bounty system, a library of digital assets, and a marketplace. 13. Sep 2017
Aeron Aeron’s solution relies on blockchain technology to track aircraft maintenance and pilot logs. Aeron is constructing a database and an online system that is decentralized, hosting global data on aircraft, flight schools and pilots. This electronic logging system would enable pilots to have logs that can be verified online, making aviation safer for everyone involved. 11. Sep 2017
BitIndia BitIndia is the most convenient and secure way to buy, sell and secure cryptocurrencies in India. Due to the high banking rates prevailing in the country, people are moving towards digital currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and ripple. BitIndia would add huge diversity to the existing banking system prevailing in the country. 11. Sep 2017
Impak Impak uses capitalism as a force for good. Impak's human centred thinking puts people first in the creation of the impact economy. This impact economy is built on organizations sharing values of Social Purpose, Ecological Concern, Economic Efficiency and Inclusive Governance. 21. Aug 2017
Modum is built with support from the Communications Systems Group (CSG) at the University of Zurich. CSG’s mission is to establish excellent research in communications, addressing communication mechanisms for charging, accounting, mobility, security. 1. Sep 2017
PayperEx PayperEx is the world's first alternative share market based on blockchain technology. Its vision is to create an alternative share market network, a marketplace where everyone around the world will able to participate. 21. Aug 2017
LookRev LookRev is a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace based on blockchain technology that enables ordinary people to join distribution chains for their own custom creative products, and then earn money. 8. Sep 2017
EventChain They are already using Ethereum blockchain to eliminate centralized ticket sales, counterfeit ticketing and excessive processing fees. Our EventChain alpha is already live to purchase tickets using EventChain tokens (EVC) on the Ethereum testnet blockchain. The cost of processing a ticketing transaction on our network averages 5 cents or less, significantly cheaper than the current ticketing systems available. The Alpha Decentralized application has a “web2 sidechain” to harness these technological benefits with little technical expertise and is also fully functioning on desktop and mobile devices and also a web 3 backend for coders to be able to create events and sell or buy tickets using command lines. With EventChain, there will be no counterfeit tickets, overpriced resale markup, and no excessive processing fees in the event industry anymore. 13. Sep 2017
HelloGold HelloGold is a start-up that creates simple and accessible Gold products for low to medium income customers to buy and sell gold, anytime, anywhere. 28. Aug 2017
REcoin REcoin is a new cryptocurrency alternative designed to accommodate a wide range of financial transactions and investment goals. Its security is ensured through the use of one of the soundest and most reliable currency backings there is real estate. 7. Aug 2017
CarTaxi CarTaxi is the world's first operating car towing blockchain platform based on Ethereum. It provides a logistics platform for evacuating and transporting cars that integrates all tow trucks in a single application. 30. Aug 2017
BeOne BeOne is an innovative decentralized online education platform that enables people to make money by sharing skills, knowledge and experience. 7. Sep 2017
Veredictum Film and video piracy is a very complex problem, but at Veredictum, they are committed to solving film piracy and video theft, with their objective to “Reduce film and video piracy by 80% within 10 years.” It’s an ambitious project, but the way in which they are approaching the problem is different. 14. Aug 2017

Upcoming ICOs

ICO Name Description Launch Time
Payfair PAYFAIR is a decentralized escrow platform for making cryptocurrency transactions between two parties. It is ensured with PAYFAIR tokens (PFR) based on Ethereum blockchain Low fees for making a transaction, its safety and privacy Saving time when making a transaction, no third parties or bureaucracy. PFR tokens are an essential part of the system. Tokens create trust nodes, ensuring the trade between counterparties. 1. Nov 2017
Simply Vital Health Simply Vital Health pioneers Blockchain Healthcare Ecosystem and it is a simple care coordiation platform for all providers regardless of clinical affiliation. 31. Oct 2017
Crowdholding Crowdholding is a decentralized open innovation platform that connects entrepreneurs and the crowd, allowing them to give feedback on products, services, and ideas in return for future revenue via our YUPIE tokens. Crowdholding enables the crowd to validate the product, become customers and share awareness about the product or service. It allows startups to listen to their customers directly and tailor their efforts in the right direction. 1. Nov 2017
FundCoin FundCoin is a secure digital token guaranteed by buybacks from investments. FundCoin is backed by investments in Lowestoft - private equity fund, managed professionally by Finles Capital Management in a private equity fund focused on the blockchain industry 30. Sep 2017
Robot Vera Robot Vera is a robot specializes in mass hiring, and does all the work 10 or more times faster than a human recruiter. Robot Vera is able to recognize the candidate's emotions in video interviews and also conduct conversations in virtual reality. 1. Oct 2017
Verif-y Verif-y’s identity solution addresses the fact that a strong and reliable digital identity is necessary for the continued expansion of the global digital economy and a fundamental building block of the rapidly expanding blockchain economy. To meet this fast-growing identification demand, Verif-y is expanding the development of the blockchain-based, digital identity solution layer of its commercially available credential and employment verification platform. Verif-y’s services improve the protection of Personally Identifiable Information ("PII"), which in today’s world define our identity. 5. Oct 2017
Redemption Technologies Redemption Technologies Inc. is a worldwide open source e-commerce marketplace platform that anonymously connects subscribers with local merchants that do not accept cryptocurrencies. 11. Oct 2017
Rocket ICO RocketICO is the world’s first decentralized accelerator based on the DAO concept. RocketICO is an environment where startups interact with experts and investors in an efficient and safe way in order to create projects, setup ICO initiatives and raise funds in cryptocurrency. RocketICO Platform is a decentralized web-application (dApp) built on the Solidity DAO framework. 10. Oct 2017
ODMCoin The project to implement the world's first investment financial blockchain product in the oil and gas sector - the derivative ODMCoin combines advanced technologies in the field of finance and industrial production of equipment for processing oil drilling mud. Oil Drilling Mud is a liquid, paste-like or solid waste that is a mixture of oil (oil products), a solid phase (soil and ground particles) and water. 2. Oct 2017
Comsa COMSA is a one stop shop solution for token creation and exchange. 2. Oct 2017
Publica Publica is a platform for all kinds of eCommerce throughout the publishing ecosystem. It aims to bring the publishing economy into the blockchain revolution. 25. Oct 2017
Lordmancer II Lordmancer II encourages using of a cryptocurrency token named Lord Coin (LC) as a payment method for player-to-player trades, facilitating sale of a unique or rare game content. LC tokens can enter the game economy only after being purchased at a cryptocurrency exchange. They can be taken out of the game later and sold for a cryptocurrency. Game developers will provide players who are not familiar with cryptocurrency world with convenient ways to purchase LCs for fiat currencies. 23. Oct 2017
Acebusters Acebusters is a decentralized poker platform made by obsessive poker and cryptography fans. They strive to create Acebusters as a decentralized application (Dapp) which will offer the service of dealing cards and settling bets. The open and borderless nature of blockchain will allow players from all over the world to connect and create the largest poker liquidity pool seen to date. 21. Sep 2017
beeqb beeqb is an "all-in-one" ecosystem for business. This company aims to build a powerful scalable platform dedicated to simplification of everyday business tasks. 31. Oct 2017
STeX STeX is the first totally publicly owned cryptocurrency exchange, where one hundred percent of operating profits from commissions is proportionally distributed among all shareholders of STE tokens. 31. Oct 2017
EtherParty Etherparty is a contract wizard that removes the complexity of creating, managing and executing smart contracts on any blockchain. Etherparty - The Power of Ethereum in the Palm of your Hand. 15. Sep 2017
Electroneum Electroneum, built on its own blockchain, has been developed with the explicit intention of gaining mass adoption via the 2.2 billion smart phone users. It launches via a token sale on September 14th and represents a unique opportunity. 14. Sep 2017
Hash Rush The HASH RUSH (HR) project aims to turn Cryptocurrency mining like Ethereum into a strategic web-game. Hash Rush is powered by ERC20 standard token called Rush Coin(RC) that is used for ingame purchases from units and items to mining power. 20. Sep 2017
Datum Datum is creating a global data exchange by turning data into tradeable commodities which is powered by Ethereum, BigchainDB and IPFS. 12. Sep 2017
Blackmoon Crypto Blackmoon Crypto is a blockchain-based platform for tokenized investment vehicles. They aim to create and maintain the world’s best framework for tokenized funds to deliver investment opportunities in both the real world and crypto economies. This brings blockchain flexibility to fiat instruments, and the benefits of accumulated financial wisdom to crypto investments. 12. Sep 2017

Completed ICOs

ICO Name Description Launch Time
Latium Latium is the first and only tasking platform in the world designed and engineered with a one-to-many task relationship structure. This will allow a user to create a task where they can hire one person or many thousands of people to complete the same task. 15. Aug 2017
Tomahawkcoin Tomahawkcoin was minted with the intention to bridge virtual currency and the equity ownership in Tomahawk Exploration LLC. With a solid business plan and business model, designed to maintain and thereby increase the initial value of the ICO. 30. Jul 2017
Lampix Lampix aims to build a large database of computer vision datasets composed of images with descriptions, which will be independent of any central control 9. Aug 2017
DMarket DMarket is a decentralized marketplace to turn every virtual item into a real commodity. It is based on blockchain and smart contracts. 17. Aug 2017
openANX openANX is a real world application of Decentralized Exchanges. By utilizing technological improvements on the Ethereum block chain alongside payment channel technology, openANX merges the security of decentralized exchanges with the payment gateway functionality of existing centralized exchanges. 22. Jun 2017
district0x district0x is a network of decentralized markets and communities that powered by Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS. 18. Jul 2017
Tezos Tezos is a new decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth. It facilitates formal verification, a technique which mathematically proves the correctness of the code governing transactions and boosts the security of the most sensitive or financially weighted smart contracts. 1. Jul 2017
FundRequest FundRequest is a decentralized platform for rewarding open source contributions using Smart Contracts and it is developed on the Ethereum Blockchain. 1. Jul 2017
Populous Populous is an invoice and trade finance platform that created in the UK and runs on the Ethereum platform. 16. Jul 2017
CryptoABS CryptoABS is a platform for financing with physical assets in Ethereum and it is a bridge between the real world and the so-called crypto-world. 14. Jul 2017
IMMLA IMMLA is an international multimodal logistics application that helps а cargo owner and freighters to connect and collaborate through decentralized service easier. The service uses Blockchain and smart contract technology to eliminate the problem of trust, information barriers and legal costs. 15. Jul 2017
Aventus Aventus is a blockchain-based event ticketing protocol that aims to create the first global, open standard for the fair, secure, and transparent creation, promotion and sale of event tickets that is not controlled by any one entity. 19. Jul 2017
COSS COSS is designed as a living project with infinite possibilities for extension, aimed to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses by adopting and facilitating all the existing crypto- and the blockchain-related services and products into a user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use environment. 8. Aug 2017
Indorse Indorse is a platform based on the blockchain technology and it is a decentralized professional network powered by ethereum technology. A reliable channel to get your skills endorsed and showcase them. A network that lets you own your data and monetize your activity. 8. Aug 2017
Mobius Network Mobius closes the gap between the internet world and blockchain world through innovative and simple protocols that introduce new standards for cross-blockchain login, payment, governance, and oracles. 8. Aug 2017
Decentraland Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. In here, users own their land and they have full rights to create anything they want without limits. 8. Aug 2017
SynchroLife SynchroLife is a decentralized restaurant recommendation platform using tokens to connect users and restaurants. It aims to create a constantly updated and maintained worldwide platform of trustworthy, accurate, and helpful restaurant information and recommendations. 3. Aug 2017 Brickblock is the first project to build an infrastructure platform to seamlessly and transparently connect cryptocurrencies with real world assets. The project is opened for users worldwide who can invest out of cryptocurrencies into real world assets like ETFs and Real Estate Funds with regular dividend payouts. 2. Aug 2017
HireMatch HireMatch is a Decentralized Application that will eliminate the friction and costs of third party intermediaries like expensive recruiters, when firms are searching for talents. HireMatch aims to implement a democratization of the job market via its HIRE Token. 1. Aug 2017
EnLedger EnLedger provides new ways to use blockchains and incentivize behaviors. Energy Efficiency Coin (EECoin) is a blockchain asset class designed to have a positive ecological impact, and to track a weighted aggregate of real-world renewable energy stock and bond markets. 1. Aug 2017

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