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Soma is a decentralized social marketplace and it is also called a blockchain based social marketplace that supports the community by offering rewards in a form of a cryptocurrency for its users by interacting socially with various features inside the platform. Soma includes generally known features and concepts from traditional social media platforms and utilizes the blockchain technology to incentivize its users to socially contribute to Soma’s future. Soma is developed as a marketplace where users can securely and reliably trade with each other in a decentralized platform. The platform encourages users to engage in cooperation to provide members of the Soma Community a comfort of a secure and fast platform to trade with their desired items. The Soma Rewarding System guarantees that every user who contributes to the creation of the value is rewarded by Soma Community Token (SCT). SCT is a cryptographic token which is utilized inside the community for rewarding and thus facilitates the organic growth of the Soma community throughout the world.