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Etherparty is a platform that removes the complexities and management of creating and executing smart contracts. What sets Etherparty apart from the other code-based solution includes: 01) NO OTHER TOOLS REQUIRED. 02) SMART CONTRACT TEMPLATES. 03) NO SYNC REQUIRED. 04) USER-CREATED CONTRACTS. 05) LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACTS. 06) ENTERPRISE SOLUTION. 07) FLEXIBILITY. Etherparty is well positioned to take blockchain and smart-contract technology to the next level. Etherparty allows users with zero knowledge of smart contract programming to create an enforceable, self-executing digital agreement for all types of transactions. Ethereum smart contracts are built in Solidity using the most recent version of the compiler available. Solidity provides the most secure and robust interface for programming on the Ethereum network, as opposed to Serpent. Etherparty will launch with user authentication provided entirely by a Keycloak server. This is an open source and well known identity and access management (IAM) platform.