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Adbank is a powerful advertising platform built on Ethereum. The blockchain allows they to create a more secure ad platform that’s better for both advertisers and publishers. Adbank is unique in its’ business plan, where its path to disruption includes a roll-up strategy to acquire existing ad-networks and convert them to the use of Adbank tokens. This acquisition and conversion of an existing networks strategy is unique to both Adbanks core services platform and Adbanks business plan. Adbank does not intend to be the biggest network but instead provide the tools to allow other ad networks to convert to the ADB token and realize the same benefits of transparency and AI anti-fraud the blockchain provides. The Adbank team is located in Canada and brings together a team of industry insiders. Those veterans include the Co-Founder/CTO, Chiron Bramberger, who was a founding member of an Ad Network that was sold to Google for $23 million and Co-Founder/CEO, Jon Gillham, who operated a private-equity company dedicated to rolling up digital assets.