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Nowadays, data is transforming the world, and the way we live, we do business. DOVU is aiming to create a new circular economy using data as the fuel. It is the ecosystem that binds transport data to this new economy. DOVU is going to apply blockchain technology so that it can verify value contributed independently, whether you are a corporate or an individual. And everybody will be fairly rewarded for their contribution to the mobility ecosystem. Also it provides trust through transparency for data providers, while opening up the availability of quality data sets for public and enterprise use. All people are able to contribute in the ecosystem, by creating data, sharing and distribute the data globally. The DOVU Platform consists of the following components, the DOVU Protocol (detailing data interchange and attribution of value), the DOV token (for payments within the platform) and the DOVU API Marketplace (the first dApp developed by DOVU). Now this global marketplace for transport data announces its token sale will be scheduled for 3 Oct, 2017. It’s an exciting news for investors who are interested in this project. Visit DOVU website to learn more about its crowdsale now.