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The ODMCoin derivative is a contract option for the sale of oil sludge processing contract in the form of an intangible asset OSCoin (see below), which includes an option (put option) for the oil contract buyback at the agreed time at the agreed price. This project underlies crowdfunding investments into the derivatives of ODMCoin (see definition above) which is offered as a financial instrument on a blockchain platform of WAVES and is backed by oilfield service contracts on processing of cuttings ­ Oil Drilling Mud. Benefits of crowdfunding investments in ODMCoin: Investor can enjoy 5,5% return from buying this option (approximate average monthly return); ODMCoin derivative is backed by real product which can withstand currency volatility due to firm price of a contract for oil drilling mud processing; Social benefit concludes green technology development for cleaner hydrocarbons extraction, launch of new financial instrument and decentralization of funding in oilfield service company for the first time ever.