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WandX is built on the Ethereum blockchain because of its smart contracting capabilities, large network of miners and users, and a large number of tokens already having been issued on Ethereum. WandX aims to solve the above problem by providing a decentralized platform that enables the creation, trade and exchange of Baskets of ERC20 Tokens through smart contracts. WandX would enable a user to record his/her asset(s) on the blockchain through a user friendly front-end for creating tokens on Ethereum. These tokens would then represent ownership of crypto-asset(s) such as loyalty points which could be transacted with other users. Such transactions, along with the decentralized exchange, could be used to create markets for any crypto-asset. WandX enables solving the information asymmetry problem using the transparency of the blockchain, but still retaining the business model and working economics of creating liquidity of ERC20 Tokens.