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Verif-y is blockchain-based Powerful Identity for the Digital Economy. Verif-y’s platform operates on a technology stack conceived and designed to leverage the attributes of the blockchain, and built to operate securely and intuitively to the user. Verif-y’s platform supports two types of PII, Identity Verification (“IDV”) and Credential and Employment Verification (“C&EV”) data. When users and organizations are introduced to Verif-y’s platform, Copyright © 2017 Verif-y Inc., All Rights Reserved. They are assigned a Personal Identity Verification (“PIV”) or Organization Identity Verification (“OIV”) score respectively, which evolves as more records and other identification methodologies are associated with their identities. The underlying algorithms and processes used in the OIV and PIV scores form part of the mechanism for building a pervasive digital identity. Verif-y is collaborating with industry leaders in the development and publication of credential and identity data standards and formats, in support of seamless and secure interoperability.