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Veredictum is decentralized anti-piracy & content distribution platform and it is also a technology company based in Sydney, Australia. They are developing a digital anti-piracy and distribution platform for video and audio content. Veredictum’s system is defined in two key phases: 1) Content Encoding and Registration: In the first phase, content is encoded with a unique identifier using a centralised server. We then register this identifier to a public blockchain (e.g. Ethereum) and distribute the content to its intended destination. 2) Content Search and Reporting: We then assume that some piracy event will occur with some significant probability. We then search, download and review a number of suspect video files using a set of incentivised computers, and report results back to the subscribers of the service. Coordination of this phase is centralised and the computational effort is distributed. Ventana Token sale is live, join them now!|