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SynchroLife is a worldwide decentralized restaurant recommendation platform that managed by SynchroLife Limited Company which is based in Hong Kong. This blockchain based platform aims to provide users trustworthy restaurant information and reviews worldwide using artificial intelligence and Ethereum’s smart contracts. With SynchroLife, food lovers from all over the world will be rewarded for sharing accurate information and high quality reviews of restaurants, all using tokens. SynchroLife’s token crowdsale is coming soon. Money raised during this crowdsale will be used for the further development of SynchroLife. The Token can be used as a reward to users who provide accurate restaurant business information, high quality reviews, good photos and content of restaurants from all around the world or it can be used to buy restaurant coupons and gift cards. Anyway, SynchroLife tokens (as known as SynchroCoin or SYC) can further encourage users to continue using the platform and contribute to it’s growth. For more details about the SynchroLife platform, please view on SynchroLife official website.