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Stox is an open source, Ethereum based platform for prediction market. With the help of Stox, people will be able to predict and trade the outcome of events in finance, sports, politics and even the weather. This platform targets mainstream audiences and it is based on a token named STX (the Stox Token). Like other similar cryptocurrencies, STX is fractionally divisible, transferable and fungible. It can be regarded as a single currency used both for the operation of the Stox network (transaction fees, syndicate payments, oracle payments) and as the functional currency for predicting event outcomes. STX is an integral part of the Stox platform and the driver for its economy. The total supply of STX is fixed and shall be generated in its entirety during the token launch event. Stox token sale is ongoing now and it will continue for 14 days or until the sale cap of ETH is reached. Learn more at Stox official website.