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Storiqa is a marketplace platform with an aim to connect producers all over the world and supply businesses with the necessary tools for launching one-of-a-kind merchandises to the global market with minimal transaction fees and without any financial borders, intermediaries or annoying bureaucratic routines. Storiqa will unite producers from all over the world in order to create an economic ecosystem that will take e-commerce to a next level. It offers great opportunities for self-employed entrepreneurs, small-scale manufacturers, family businesses and makers of handmade crafts, such as a selection of tools for direct customer feedback, bookkeeping, sales analysis, advertising and promotion, as well as a convenient, user-friendly interface. Please note that ICO starting date is 00:00 UTC October 25, 2017 and its finish date is 21:00 UTC December 25, 2017. Discover more at Storiqa website now.