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The ICO for Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) is now live. It is open to everyone apart from citizens/residents of USA or its territories. SIFT is based on smart contracts powered by the Ethereum network and it is a trading fund based on proprietary volume analysis techniques known as Smart Volume Analysis that have been developed over the last decade. SIFT uses a combination of proprietary market analysis and artificial intelligence, therefore the system knows when to trade, what risk are involved and the projected gains prior to it ever entering a trade. It allows investors a straightforward way to trade cryptocurrencies and earn a monthly income from the dividend. Now Smart Investment Fund Token ICO gives people a chance to invest in SIFT. From as little as 0.01 ether (approx $2) you can invest and the total amount of investment is unlimited with each share being proportional to the total amount of the fund. If the project is on your watch list, you can learn more details on Smart Investment Fund Token website first.