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Rocket ICO is a platform built on decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) principles, which unites investors, experts and start-up teams. Rocket ICO is self-regulating start-up accelerator platform, which connects investors, start-up teams and independent experts. Ethereum smart contracts are used to allow investors to use professional expert evaluation for investments, and start-ups to successfully launch ICOs. Rocket ICO’s platform is a decentralised web application (dApp). RocketCoin (ROCK) is a utility token that is widely used by investors, experts and teams to interact within the Rocket ICO platform. A total of 25m RocketCoins will be emitted. The development of the platform, which is linked to the growth of the expert and investor network as well as to the number of successful projects that completed the acceleration program, will ensure general satisfaction of the token holders, motivate them to work and make profit on the platform. Join them now!