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Reality Clash is an augmented Reality FPS combat game available on iPhone and Android with no additional attachments or add-ons. The game is backed by the Etherum Blockchain and it uses the phone’s camera to present an augmented reality picture on the phones screen. During the game, you will have a great fun. You can unlock new weapons, functions and achievements, explore your surroundings, and conquer your own city. You can invite your friends to the game and set up battles in real life environments like parks, fields, woodland and businesses.

The Reality Clash Token Sale is coming next month. It is a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of the AR game and trading platform. During the Token Sale, the in-game currency called RCC Gold will be sold. Token Sale participants can only buy RCC Gold with cryptocurreny like Ethereum Ether. Once done, they will get bonus Reality Clash Coins at a massive discount to the app store prices, also with exclusive weapons, early demos and special offers.