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Playkey.io is a decentralized cloud gaming platform. Playkey has spent 4 years on developing gaming technology that is already available in EMEA, Eastern US and CIS countries on PLAYKEY.NET and used by 1M gamers every month on 100+ GPU powered Servers in London, Frankfurt and Moscow. Playkey is a game virtualization service that shares the powerful home computers of blockchain enthusiast (miners) with gamers around the world. The service caters for gamers who are not able to launch the latest AAA PC game titles due to their low end and/or old computers. The Playkey foundation will be the heart of the decentralized management system of the Playkey project. Smart contracts will establish different initiatives, including infrastructure community management to drive miner activity and SLA (service level agreements) policies, marketing & PR, global strategies for the cloud gaming industry, and relationships with token holders.