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Pillar is a flagship project of Twenty Thirty AG a corporation registered in Zug, Switzerland. It is a wallet that can store all your important data, information at one spot. Pillar wallet will become the personal data locker, serving as the dashboard for our digital lives. It helps put your assets on the blockchain and the private key is in your control so you do not have to rely on third party or worry about data theft. We believe this wallet will power most devices, including phones, tablets, wearables, cars, buildings, and more in one day. The project will build an open-source, multi-chain wallet that will provide a new digital platform for consumers, companies, and governments.

Pillar is looking for partners – companies that can see the vision and want to contribute to their open-source effort. Between July 15th and July 17th, Pillar will conduct their ICO. Quickly discover and invest in new opportunities!