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Oxycoin is one place that contains everything cryptocurrency investors need right at their fingertips. The team’s mission to enable investors wanting to enter the crypto-markets, they can achieve this by simplifying the investment process. Their mobile application will be the easiest way to purchase cryptocurrencies with FIAT and will also feature a central information hub where investors will receive any crypto-media they would need to make informed decisions. In short, they are building the one and only platform that has everything that crypto-enthusiasts will need for investing – this is the core of what will make OXYCOIN® successful. With community support and ICO funding, the OXYCOIN® team plans to push the number of active users to over 10 million and the market capitalization to over $300,000,000,000 USD ($300 Billion) in their first year by enabling a whole new wave of crypto-enthusiasts that are waiting for a simple platform to help them easily convert FIAT into cryptocurrency.