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Matryx is a decentralized collaboration platform composed of a bounty system and a marketplace for digital assets to be bought, sold, and remixed into new assets. In this platform, bounties are placed on solutions to specific problems. Submissions to bounty tournaments enter the collection of assets and are available to other users. In this way collaborators are incentivized to build, distribute, and expand upon each other’s work in the pursuit of valuable goals. Matryx reduces friction of collaboration between strangers by providing a common framework and concrete goals. The ultimate goal of Matryx is to incentivize collaboration in fields of knowledge and creation like STEM. To reach that goal, Matryx needs resources that support R&D demands and help create a community of participants and contributors. Matryx token sales have quickly become a proven means to achieve such growth for blockchain-based technologies. Now Matryx token sale is live until 12. Oct 2017, for more information please check out Matryx website.