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HelloGold is doing an ICO about gold. This is a financial services platform enabling retail clients to access micro savings in allocated, investment grade gold. The platform targets small-scale savers and underbanked individuals in developing economies, with a particular focus on Asia. HelloGold is launching the Token Sale of HelloGold Tokens (HGT) to support the accelerated development and the marketing of their financial inclusion agenda. The token sale started on 28. Aug 2017 and will go on until 2. Oct 2017. With HelloGold platform, users will be able to access secure, transferable savings in fractions of ounces or grams of gold with low fees that they can ultimately choose to convert to an ERC20 token called Gold Backed Token (GBT), a tradable token with a relatively stable value backed by 1 gram of gold. In the future, HelloGold is hoping to develop additional features allowing customers to mobilize their gold savings to access collateralized loans at reduced rates. Visit HelloGold website to get the latest information about this project now.