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Flypme is the fastest and most private crypto-to-crypto exchange which doesn’t require any registration nor trust to trade. The only info needed to use the exchange is the user’s crypto address so that Flypme has the correct input and output. No trust is needed since Flypme doesn’t hold users’ funds. Flyp.me just announced its ICO has been started since September 28, 2017, to fund the decentralization of the exchange, drive its adoption and increase the reserves of each cryptocurrency. During that time, Flyp.me Tokens (FYP) which are ERC20-based Ethereum tokens will be created during the Presale and ICO to give token owners several benefits. The exchange is fully working with 13 cryptocurrencies and 169 trading pairs. It is very easy to use and much more private than any of the competitors. For more information, you are welcome to visit Flyp.me website and read Flyp.me whitepaper.