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EQUI ICO will be held between 15th of August 2017 (12:00 CET) and 15th of September 2017 (12:00 CET). EQUI is a platform with a two-way search engine that uses world’s largest network of supercomputers to be its database and processing center. After ICO, EQUI iOS mobile app will be launched. With EQUI, people can search whatever they need and at the same time they can start their own business in minutes. EQUI turns their everyday life easier. Anyone who is interested in EQUI can pay more attention on EQUI Token. EQUI Token is the way to pay for EQUI and EQUI business yearly subscriptions.The token will be implemented in the whole platform as an asset for trading any product and service within EUQI network. Now a total of 500,000,000 EQUI Tokens will be issued on Waves platform. If you want to participate in the project, please visit EQUI to get more information.