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EnLedger is a blockchain asset class designed to enable a brighter future. It has announced that their first token offering is opened on 1. Aug 2017 when inventors can contribute the project without any knowledge. Distributed Ledgers provide a cutting-edge solution for data storage and access. By utilizing energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake consensus protocols and devoting the equity to purchasing green financial instruments, usage and funding of Energy Efficiency Coin promotes the creation of renewable versus non-renewable energy, as opposed to blockchain token systems which utilize Proof-of-Work protocols, where higher utilization and coin market prices mean more incentive for “miners” to burn electricity to gain the tokens. Blockchain Apps are set to revolutionize the “internet of money”. EnLedger provides a way, via blockchain tokenization of assets and credits linked to energy efficiency, property performance, healthcare, transportation, and incentivized behaviors of any kind.