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Compcoin is a great financial investment platform which is utilizing Artificial Intelligence for superior money management. Investors can use Compcoin to generate earnings from programmed currency trading, not just from others buying into a limited supply of coins. From it’s official site you can learn that Compcoin has four dimensions of value like Earnings Capacity, Unique Use Value, Savings Value and Transparency Value. The first digital coin that grows capital when it is used. With its software license that in form of a digital coin on a blockchain, investors can make money to grow wealth. Compcoin democratizes the investment playing filed as well as being saved for long term ROI. And what is more, Compcoin was founded by experienced financial executives and licensed Commodities Trading Advisors. In a word, Blockchain + Earnings Capacity from financial trading is equal to Compcoin, the first digital asset with four aspects of intrinsic value.