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The CHEX premium platform provides a robust range of tools and feature sets to customize an individual business storefront or private exchange, and also meet an entire industry’s requirements for a public exchange through process modularity. Each feature exists as part of a business process. We’ve built a robust set of modules that each contain a generic process and designed all features to be industry agnostic, so as to be repurposed and further customized between industry platforms. Within each module is a deeper set of customization rules. Examples of process modules include product bundling, lot specifications, order communication channels, order tracking logistics, order settlement, social and business networking, affiliate platform trees, compliance verification, user ratings, etc. CHEX Process Modules can be swapped and linked in adaptive ways to provide all necessary features for a smooth user experience to establish a business, participate in widespread commerce and ensure regulatory compliance. Piecing these module sets together can be wired in such a way as to solve all idiosyncratic needs of each asset sector looking to optimize B2B exchange as well as to launch other marketplace types(B2C, C2C, C2B). A new industry platform can be expediently loaded and operating with our existing library of robust process modules.